Super Sync A fast-paced high adrenaline slot with a twist. Syncing reels, a wheel of fortune and Super Spins await. Super Sync game features Super Sync is a 3-reel slot with a Syncing reels feature. On any spin two of the three reels may sync up to match each other completely. This greatly enhances the […]

Liam Mulvaney, co-founder and CEO at Plank Gaming, says that the developer does not try to be innovative, rather it focuses on delivering the best player experience possible. In the fiercely competitive world of online casino, game developers spend much of their time locked in battle with each other over who can be the most […]

Plank Gaming enters the arena with new title Neptune Rising Neptune Rising Feature & Free Spins Bonus Guaranteed wins in the bonus Neptune Rising (Plank Gaming): Review As is typically the case nowadays, Microgaming lets its minions of independent developers churn out most of the content while we picture them doing other stuff, like chasing […]